Sketches Music Bio


Sketches were a three-piece indie band, consisting of Luke H Rogers, James McBrien and Matthew Keith Hutt. The band took influences from the likes of Joy Division, New Order and Bloc Party, to name but a few and enjoyed a loyal followers throughout its playing career.

Energetic frontman Rogers certainly knows what it takes to play centre stage and you can see where he is influenced by famous frontmen like Ian Curtis and Liam Gallagher.

The band formed in London many years ago, with the boys coming together after meeting each other whilst studying. They quickly began to write music together as well as jamming to their favourite music and playing intimate gigs in their hometown.

SketchesWith rousing guitar solos and heartfelt voices, the band quickly attracted lots of fans on the indie scene. The band even managed to reach indie fan in Russia, after the release of their song ‘My Father’s Son’ that had praised heaped on it by prominent alternative music blog ‘Indie Birdie’.

The band at times invited in a 4th member to play drums to accompany certain tracks, providing a weighty beat to their already strong arrangement.

The band finished off their short lived music career with a bang when they were the support for Minus the Bears only headline show this year in a popular London nightclub.

This was a big deal for the band as they had been big fans of Minus and the Bear’s for a while. They also lined up larger gigs lined up in both Brussels and Liege.Sketches stage

Lovers Liar was the band’s stand out track from the band, you can still listen to the track over on Soundcloud. Indie magazine Slate the Disco heaped a lot of praise on the track, stating

Weve been following Sketches for a while now, and after picking up their back catalogue last year and getting their latest single for free we had to check it out. Lovers Liarsis a great track to associate them by as this is them at their finest, the vocals, the melodies and the guitar tones are all perfect!

Sketches on stageWith such praise and such promise, it was a sad day when the band first showed signs of an imminent split. In October 2009 the band sadly announced that they were to hang up their instruments and say goodbye to the band.

There was no dispute between the boys themselves, the toughness of the industry just proved to be too much and they had to start thinking of how they could make successful careers taking other paths. They left fans with this message on their Facebook page

Dearest all, it has been a long time. Thank you for all the years of support. We’ve met some truly amazing people along the way and had some incredible times over the years. Here is a gift; our debut album, for free, with some photos from our last ever shows in Belgium, Reading festival and a few others. Please do share with everyone you wish. Love to all, over & out. Sketches x x

Tearful fans were very upset but the bbd felt that they had given their music their all and it was time for new adventures to take hold.

You can reminisce about the bands success over on their Facebook page, which is still active and contains some great shots by music photographer Mark Entwistle, who followed the band from their early days through to the end.

I guess there is always hope that the band will return, in the meantime we are off to listen to the back catalogue and pretend that we are in Belgium in 2013!Sketches record