Why I Listen to Sketches Music

Sketches @ Belgium

With Sketches taking influence from the likes of Joy Division and New Order, to name but a few, they soon accumulated a decent sized following, gaining fans as they toured up and down the UK.

The amazing support that they felt from fans shone through in their heartfelt message to their fans on Facebook, when they announced that they would be calling it a day. They said:

Dearest all, it has been a long time. Thank you for all the years of support. We’ve met some truly amazing people along the way and had some incredible times over the years. Here is a gift; our debut album, for free, with some photos from our last ever shows in Belgium, Reading festival and a few others. Please do share with everyone you wish. Love to all, over & out. Sketches x x

Fans were very upset and were quick to show their love and appreciation, posting lots of thank you and good luck messages on their wall. It was not only music fans but music professionals that loved the work of the band.

Music magazines were routinely impressed with any new work that they heard from Sketches and the band was never too far from the hip music radar. One magazine writer said these kind words about the band.

“Weve been following Sketches for a while now, and after picking up their back catalogue last year and getting their latest single for free we had to check it out. Lovers Liarsis a great track to associate them by as this is them at their finest, the vocals, the melodies and the guitar tones are all perfect!

That is high praise indeed and it was to be real shame that the band would not be spreading their love any longer. Live music was what Sketches lived for.

Sketches live on stageMaking music in the studio was a lifetime dream come true, but the band really came alive when they were live on stage, especially charismatic frogman Luke Rogers.

The band made lasting impressions playing songs such as Bleed Victoria,’Mt Fathers Sonand Name upon it,’ with fans screaming out for more music, even after the encores.

One fan remembers the first time they seen them live and is happy to admit that he still loves them even to this day.

The band I used to be in played a gig with you guys..2009, at the Rockhouse in Derby. My partner and I still talk about how much we enjoyed your set.

Not only were the bands live appearances brilliant, their music translated well onto their album, with fans heaping praise on their work,

Its a really cool album. Still disappointed you called it a day!

Although Sketches never worked out in the long run, they left a lasting impression on many and are sure to be proud of the fact that they gave some people their first great music experience, like this young man,

First gig and you guys made it worth it, awesome music

How cool is it to be the first gig that someone, which is something that they are sure to remember for the rest of their lives, you all remember your first gig, right? If you cannot remember then lets hope that it was because it was so good, the high overtook your memory!

So, as sad it is that Sketches are no longer, the lands can stand up proud as they look back on all the great gigs that they performed and all of the positive impressions they have left on music fans up and down the country.